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Visa Application

As this international conference is organized by a private institute in India, foreign participants have to get the three month single entry Business Visa as per the Indian visa rules. It will be a sole responsibility of the participant to apply for the visa, payment of any related fees, scheduling of the visa interview dates, review the visa status etc.

Invitation letter will only be issued to the presenting author. If an Invitation Letter is required from the organizing committee, please feel free to contact for it at

Following information is required for an Invitation Letter

  • Name (Same as given in Passport)
  • Postal Address and work address (in case of both are the same, one is enough)
  • Zip code
  • Contact number with country code
  • Title and Gender (Prof. / Dr. / Mr. / Ms.) (Teacher / Student) (Male / Female)
  • Country from which the participant is applying for VISA

For more information on visa rules from Indian Government, please visit