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Q.Can I submit a paper now?

Q.How do I submit a paper?

Q.Can I send my paper via email?

Q.My paper has been accepted for presentation. Do I have to register by a particular deadline?

Q.Can I mail my poster to you, since I cannot attend in person?

Q.Are there any funding opportunities to have my travel covered?


Q.How are the paper evaluated?

Q.When will I receive a response?

Q.My Paper has been accepted, but I did not receive the Acceptance letter.

Q.Can I attend via Skype to make my presentation?

Q.I cannot attend the conference, are you going to send me the certificate?


Q.When should I register?

Q.When is the deadline for registration?

Q.Can you send me an Official Invitation Letter for the Visa purposes?

Q.How can I receive an invoice?

Q.When do I need to pay my registration fee?

Q.Can I bring a companion with me to the conference?

Q.Can I pay on the spot?


Q.When should I arrive at the conference venue?

Q.When will my oral presentation take place and how long should it last?

Q.What conference material I will get on arrival?

Q.How do I book accommodation for the conference?

Q.Can I present in some other language or does the presentation has to be in English?

Q.When will the paper be published?


Q.Can I cancel my registration for the conference? If yes, what will be the refund policy?


Q.Are you providing accommodation?